I have something special for you...

In the Mindful Mom's MEGA Connection Toolkit, you'll find everything you need to gain your children's trust, help them feel safe, get into their world, and develop a relationship that causes them to come to you first, through intentional bonding and connection!



If meaningful connection and reaching your child's heart are a priority... this is the toolkit for you!

Do you long to...

  • Help your child feel safe and secure
  • Build a relationship that brings your child to you first
  • Gain your child's trust
  • Spend quality time that impacts your child's future
  • Create memories for your child that provide a sense of belonging 


The Mindful Mom's MEGA Connection Toolkit is the complete printable parent-child connection resource for nurturing positive family culture. This toolkit has everything you need to draw your child to you, create heart-ties, and cultivate relationships that tether family together!

What you get...

  • 250+ Family bonding ideas
  • 52 Parent-child date ideas
  • Mom journaling notebook pages with prompts
  • Games and conversation starters
  • Memory making printables you can keep to bless you and your child
  • Activities for the whole family to grow closer together
  • Hundreds of parent-child connection and bonding prinables for less than 15¢ a piece!


"Truth echos and so much of the most brilliant and insightful parenting advise that I've received is echoed in your words. I can't wait to read more. I am so thankful for this resource. I pray that my life reflect the light of Christ as your words do!" -Leah

"I’ve been at a loss for quite some time now and this was everything I’ve been searching for. I’m excited to dig in and get my 7 year old on track without the “poor parenting” techniques I picked up from my childhood." - Kylie

"I am so loving your child training... My 4 year old and I just laughed and joked and read several stories at bedtime tonight after he had an amazing day showing first time obedience and clearly understands what it means. I mean it has lit my heart to have such a good day with him. Your methods work and I’m in love." -LaTasha  

You CAN positively influence your child to navigate life through a healthy and nurturing relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this toolkit work for my child/family?

The Mindful Mom's MEGA Connection Toolkit is loaded with over 200 printables for families of all ages. Young children will love the games, activities, conversation prompts, and the time they spend with you! Older children can enjoy helping lead the family (or younger children) in the bonding experience.

How will I receive the Mindful Mom's MEGA Connection Toolkit?

This Toolkit is a digital product, so it will be delivered to you electronically via a digital download that will be emailed to you within minutes of your purchase. Just check your inbox (and maybe your junk folder) open the product email, click the link, and start using it. You may choose to store it on your device, print it for use, or both!

How soon will I receive the toolkit?

The toolkit will be emailed to you within minutes of your purchase. Just check your inbox, open the product email, click the link, and start enjoying all the benefits immediately! You may choose to store it on your device, print it for use, or both!

Is The Mindful Mom's MEGA Connection Toolkit only available here and now?

The Mindful Mom's MEGA Connection Toolkit is also available on the main website at Mama Duck.com for $29. You can purchase it there at a later time, however, this is the only opportunity to get it for just $19.

Do you offer a refund policy?

Please read the full details of our return policy here.

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